Do you know? Our body produces own pain relief substances? With appropriate technique, we can stimulate the production of these substances to enhance pain relief, and this technique already practised for OVER TWO THOUSAND YEARS, this technique called acupuncture.

According to the article published in 2008, by institute of neurobiology in China, it suggests that acupuncture stimulate the production of various signal molecule such as opioid peptide, glutamate, 5-hydroxytryptamine and cholecystokinin octapeptide. These are all body’s natural pain relief substances. Since it is produced by your own body, therefore, its NONE ADDICTIVE, LESS SIDE EFFECT and most important of all, EFFECTIVE PAIN RELIEF.

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Who said that acupuncture always need needles? In fact, modern archaeological finding out that during the Stone Age, people were already start using pointed rock, twigs or animal bone to massage certain acupoint in the body, to achieve therapeutic effect. The acupuncture needle we see nowadays only came about 2000 years ago, because it requires advanced knowledge about metal smelting, before anyone can make a fine and flexible needle, that can penetrate the body without causing damage to any other tissue.

Therefore, Chinese medicine have a lot of non-needle practice, and it has very long history to prove its efficacy. Scroll down the page now, and find out more information about non needle acupuncture technique.

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Acupressure massage -this technique uses finger to activate the acupoint, Mr Xin Gu have a unique acupressure massage technique, he adopting Tai Chi Spiral force in the pressure point massage treatment, which allow penetration to the deep tissue, therefore reduce the pain from deep inside.


Have you ever wonder what are those weird spots on athletes’ back?

Those mark is from cupping therapy, it is non-invasive, no drug and natural way to manage the pain, that is why it is getting popular amongst the world top athletes. However, from Traditional Chinese medicine point of view, Cupping can do more than just pain management, it is the vacuum cleaner of your meridian channel, which helps to “suck up” and bring the toxic qi to the surface, which gives the colour of the cupping mark. The experienced Chinese medicine practitioner even can tell the types of toxic qi, by looking at the appearance of the cupping mark.

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Are you suffering from any chronic inflammation condition? and you are sick and tired of anti-inflammation drugs? Moxibustion might has the answer for you.

Moxibustion is one of the Chinese medicine technique, which activate the acupuncture point, by using heat from burning herbal incense,and the incense made up from a type of herb call mugwort.

You may say, I have heat pack, that will do. Well not exactly, a study done in Australia shows that there is strong anti-inflammation property from the tar which extracted from burning mugwort, in this study, researcher found an encouraging result in using Moxa tar to manage chronic laryngitis, and suggest that we might looking into develop a new generation anti-inflammation drug from the tar.

Thanks for the researcher from Australia, we found out that apart from heat, the smoke of the herbal incense also have healing property. However, what researcher don’t know is that, depends on the herbal medium applied on the skin, Moxibustion can enhance different result, Check the video down below to find out more.

Gua Sha

Do you feel “sticky” “tightness “and “heaviness”? You probably have built up some adhesion in the soft tissue, which makes you feel sticky and heavy, if that is the case, scrapping technique can help. This technique using the scrapping tool, scrap along the diseased channel, and practitioner often can feel uneven sandy texture underneath the skin, that is the soft tissue adhesion, the aim of this treatment is to break open the “stickiness”, which make you feel lighter, and more movement. Other than that, this technique also uses to reduce wrinkles in Chinese medicine, check out the video below.

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